star motel

It's hard to believe that it's almost 2015... the last few months have passed in a blur, so I have stopped and taken a look through photos from this year and think about what I have seen and where I have been, move forward looking to new adventures ahead... oh and dream of wandering with my camera in hand...closer to home... and wish Australia had such awesome neon signage preserved in it's urban landscape as the US does...

squirt guns

Yesterday I created some new images in my studio... They were made in part for licensing at Stocksy but also for a project I am working on - about STUFF - You'll find out more about that in the new year... but it combines my love of vintage, nostalgia, history, collecting and memories... It is also available as a print in the webshop.


So I am spending some time today processing and uploading some recent film photographs taken on my Hasselblad.... who needs VSCO filters when you have film I say... So this image is my new favourite.... The desert areas around Palm Springs absolutely fascinates me.... Such a vast, desolate and not to mention hot area.... This photograph was taken not far from the Salton Sea, next door to Skips was the International banana museum... How I now wish I went inside... It was 38 C outside, my son was well over me stopping the car to get out and take photos... He wanted the pool back in Palm Springs... Why there is an international banana museum in the middle of nowhere, I do not know, as I say if i went in I would have asked...

pez, pez and more pez...

If you follow me on instagram you may know that our 9 year old seems to have inherited our collecting gene (so much for a minimalist accountant later in life)... so on our recent trip to the US we made the deal that he could collect Pez - it gave him something to look for whilst we visited antique shops, flea markets etc.... and they don't cost too much.... And as I have many ideas for decorating kids rooms - photographing vintage toys being one of them, today I grabbed a few of his favourites (ok my favourites) and photographed. Take a look here... They are available over in the webshop. FYI I only quickly printed 2 off at home and Peppermint Patty didn't print very well... The prints for sale are a larger size and printed with archival inks on Ilford gold fibre silk paper from my lab... 

more Christmas wrapping ideas

So after my concrete wrapping paper idea earlier in the week (see previous post), I decided to try out a more traditional Christmas theme... After a rummage in our decoration box I photographed our vintage tinsel tree branches and Christmas lights.... I also printed up a previous image licensed at Stocksy. And voila, DIY Christmas wrapping paper. I printed this at home on plain A4 paper, but you could head to the copy centre and colour photocopy to larger sizes. Take a look at all the images available for licensing here.

a day in the studio

This morning I decided to utilise some free time and create some Christmas images for licensing at Stocksy... After an online discussion with fellow stocksy photographers about the lack of inspiring gift wrap, photography trends etc I was inspired to create my own concrete gift wrap. Additional images / ideas are available at Stocksy


Make and Mend at Lunch Lady Mag

I am regularly putting together a vintage / decor style article over at lunchladymag. The first one went up yesterday and it's about collecting a theme and decorating with it. You can find it here... Nick and I have collected way too much stuff over the years and we are contemplating opening a stall somewhere, but for the time being we are selling a few of our things on the webshop.

USA on film

I have just picked up my film / negatives from our recent trip to the Californian desert captured on my trusty old Hasselblad... I will be adding photos over the next few days to my travel portfolio.... 

Dusting off the Hasselblad

Earlier this week I went for a drive in Melbourne looking for quirky places to capture on my old film Hasselblad.... I love this camera and will aim to take it out every week or two. There is nothing like the anticipation of heading to the lab and picking up film... and nothing like really thinking and choosing what to frame and expose...