Random Photo Fridays - Angel's Barbershop, Seligman AZ

Just down the road from the Snowcap is Angel Delgadillo's old barbershop along Main Street /  Route 66 in Seligman. Following on from his father, Angel opened his barbershop in 1950 and he continued to shave beards and cut hair until 1996. His barbershop is now somewhat of a museum and he and his wife Vilma run the gift shop (with a little help). The building's decor hasn't changed much over the years and is filled with Route 66 memorabilia and a lot of business cards from all over the world. Next week I might rummage through some more images of other great signs and buildings around Seligman.

Random Photo Fridays - Snowcap, Seligman AZ

In early 2012 I started researching Route 66 online and my must see places and towns to visit. We only had a few days of travel time from California into Arizona and Nevada, but as soon as I saw a photo of Delgadillo's Snowcap in Seligman, Arizona I knew no matter what, we would be stopping there... The Snowcap was built in 1953 by Juan Delgadillo - with help from his father and brothers from scrap lumber obtained from the nearby Santa Fe railway yards. His brother Angel ran the Barber and gift shop a few doors down (we will visit there next Friday)... Both Juan and Angel were instrumental in the preservation of Seligman as a thriving town and tourist attraction. In 1987 they founded the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona and ran a campaign for historic signage to be added along the old route 66 after the I-40 was constructed in the 1960's-70's. In September 1978 Angel watched his hometown literally change overnight as traffic bypassed Seligman... Juan Delgadillo passed away in 2004 but his children still run the Snowcap. Unfortunately we arrived late in the afternoon and it was closed, but I still loved wandering around the outside of the building and could hardly believe that I was so lucky to see it in person...