Random Photo Fridays - Phil

I love a good urban wander with my camera and finding random art / graffiti / whatever you want to call it... This photo was taken in Greenpoint, NY in 2012. Phil Collins is one of those performers that I can appreciate his musical talent but never would listen to - no offence Phil... Whenever I look at this image I always think of a quote from way back in 1993 (yes I am a child of the 70's meaning my musical era of choice is always the 90's) from Evan Dando of the Lemonheads... (Taken from Sky Magazine - I used to love that Magazine).... "His one about flying goes a bit like this: If you find yourself sitting two rows in front of a really talented megastar on an aeroplane then there's absolutely no way you're going to crash because, according to Dando, that person just isn't ready to leav this earth yet (er, right). "The other day I found myself sitting right by Phil Collins," he says, trying his best to enlighten us, "and to be honest I wasn't sure what our chances were of survival. I told him who was because I figured we're on the same label and stuff but he wasn't at all friendly, which was kind of good 'cause if he'd been nice and we'd talked the whole journey or something then next time I'd heard Susudio on the radio I'd have had sort of a moral dilemma and would have had to listen to it. He's really OK though," Dando grins, stopping briefly to draw breath, "and that's kind of my theory about music - there's nothing really you can say about any musician just so long as he or she enjoys what they're doing and other people enjoy it. I mean there's a lot of bands I don't like but I still respect them a lot."