TCB Wednesdays - The Vintage Post

Last week I created some images for an article at The Vintage Post all about vintage shopping with children in tow... Lucky for us our son has been dragged along ever since he was in a pusher and so he actually enjoys it (most of the time) and has his own collections going on... However that doesn't mean it's always a dream, there is usually a bribery that involves ice-cream or donuts and I certainly can't wander for as long as I would like... As a family we have visited some amazing shops and flea markets locally and overseas and his collecting along the way of toys and trinkets remind us of some fun memories... First up he started collecting Little Golden Books at Camberwell Market, followed by Matchbox / Lesney cars - he could tell you which car came from where - Big Top Circus (pictured below) was the Rose Bowl Flea. He then discovered my old cereal toys and has since added a few himself. The Woody Woodpecker lunch tin he found in a great vintage shop in Lone Pine, CA that we stumbled upon 3 years ago and most recently he has started collecting Pez. Head over to The Vintage Post for some great tips on how to get your kids involved in collecting / vintage shopping.