TCB Wednesdays - I am still learning

TCB Wednesdays are here - the idea for the name is taken from Elvis..... TCB or Taking Care of Business is what he called his band and his airplane.... So my version is a little show and tell of photography that I have been working or collaborating with others on. Quite often it will be in regards to creating stock imagery and image licensing... First up is a project I worked on with my sister.... Like many women close to, or hitting their forties, the big 4-0 can bring up some mixed emotions... For many it means a time when the last of their children head off to school... Others have been in the workforce continuously and it seems to be a marker or opportunity to stop and reflect on where you are and what you want to keep doing... Ok this can be true for the menfolk too... So my sister is on a new career path as a life coach (she has a background in psychology) and asked me to create some images for her business that are available as a digital download from her website... At school she always excelled in writing and English (whilst I barely passed) and she lost herself in books, whilst I instead sat happily day dreaming, watching cartoons and drawing and loved art and design...Head over to her website and have a read, take a peek around and grab yourself a download ;-)