Vintage Mondays - Pete the Pepper

We visited the Fryerstown Antique Fair on Saturday (if you're quick you can still head there today) and for collectors like us, we managed to buy only a couple of things. It's taken us a few years to become more selective about what enters our home. Sometimes there is a fine line between collecting and an episode out of Hoarders. So when my son and I spied Mr Pepper we knew he would not only be a great addition to our other vintage Mr Potato Heads and friends but also added to my vintage toys print series

I also love vintage toy illustrations found on packaging / boxes etc and Pete the Pepper is special as it was licensed by Toltoys Australia. I think they make great artwork themselves. I photographed box art and then printed the image at home. 

Lastly I bought a Buffalo Bill children's annual to add to my collection. More about those another day....