After recent conversations with friends, small biz owners and creative folk, I have created an affordable photography package designed for usage in your online shop, market application, magazine pitches and social media. Head to the PACKAGES tab above to find out more.

Having previously run my own small biz / Arthur’s Circus shop owner - I can’t tell you how much having quality imagery of our products and shop interior assisted in the success and online / magazine coverage we received at the time. This was BEFORE social media, so now it is even more important than ever to showcase you and your product with clear and consistent photography.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to chat further about how I can assist you.


YABBA DABBA DOO in Bedrock City

Back in 2012 when planning our first road trip along Route 66, I knew we HAD to visit Bedrock City, located off Route 66, on Highway 101 heading to The Grand Canyon. For those of you that know my family it will come as no surprise that we spent more time here than at The Grand Canyon ;-) For the past 2 years Bedrock City has been for sale and sadly this week the park has now closed, making way for a birds of prey park - which means much of the original park features will be demolished. So I wanted to share some of my favourite photos from Bedrock City and I have also just created a larger gallery in my travel portfolio. All photos are available as prints - just get in touch!


The Nuthouse Home Tour on Apartment Therapy

I have resumed photographing home tours for Apartment Therapy this year - and my first is up for 2019, visiting The Flinders Nuthouse. You can see the whole tour here. Located just over an hour from Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula it is such a fun place to visit. It’s wonderful to see the humble fibro beachshack updated and restored instead of being torn down. It’s also is also available for holiday rental on Riparide and Airbnb.


Updating my website

The time has come for me to update my website design / template and to add new work, galleries etc. As any Photographer / Maker / Creative will tell you - it is no easy feat to decide what work to feature / curate. So for the next few weeks it will be somewhat of a work in progress. Please do get in touch via phone or email if you would like to book a shoot with me or if you have any questions ;-)


Holiday Road - Part II

6 years ago I travelled a small part of Route 66 from LA to Williams, Arizona and held an exhibition titled Holiday Road at our old shopfront and at Head On festival in Sydney. In June/July this year with my family we hit the holiday road again and travelled Route 66 - LA to Chicago. I am finally sorting images and creating a print shop, Instagram account and fingers crossed an exhibition to come. So watch this space! Contact me at if there’s an image you’d like printed that’s not currently available in the print shop.


Frankie Magazine

The latest edition of frankie magazine has been out for a few weeks now, but I thought that i should share that I have a few images inside to illustrate products, 2 articles and the 2016 calendar and diary... Thanks for having me frankie.

Flux Melbourne

Recently a new shop opened in Collingwood and I am super happy to be selling a few of my photographic prints there. Flux is a Melbourne based menswear label, making denim and tees and their new shop is on Smith Street. I have 4 prints for sale, all are limited edition Giclee prints on archival paper. 3 prints have not been exhibited or made it out of the digital realm before, so it's always great to print images up and see them framed and on walls. 

Shelley - The Poster Gal

Recently I photographed for Apartment Therapy the gorgeous home of Shelley Collins - owner of The Galerie. I met Shelley many years ago and have always loved her use of colour and decor / design style…. Really what more do you need on a wall than a gorgeous big French vintage poster and an industrial sideboard or a leather couch ? The Galerie has recently rebranded (from Galerie Montmatre) and moved within Fitzroy from a warehouse space to a gorgeous light filled shop space above Brunswick Street. (They're above Hunter Gatherer - for those in Melbourne)…. I know I am biased towards vintage items and artwork, but they really do have the best ORIGINAL poster artwork in town. Also take a look at Shelley's online adventure titled The Poster Gal

Mon & Stu

A few years ago when we ran our shop, we met some rather ace people who would shop / pop in… Sharing a love of vintage ( surprise surprise ) stuff is a fine way to start a friendship I say… Mon & Stu are one such couple and I recently photographed their awesome home for Apartment Therapy...

Also my website is currently undergoing a refurbishment and it's taking a little longer than I hoped - so my galleries are currently a little sparse, please come back soon as I hope to spend Friday adding to them ;-)


Let's celebrate

With buying and lead up times to Christmas and the New Year looming I thought I better add some NYE party style photos to my Stocksy port… So I grabbed some things lying around and created a few images this morning… soon available to license over here...

1000 images

I have finally made it to 1000 images on my Stocksy port... now to push on to 1500 by the end of the year... Also I am in the process of changing my website (again), so for the next week, it will be a little empty of images as I re-size and add categories and photographs...

Screenshot 2015-08-15 10.36.23.jpg

When life gives you oranges

At the weekend a friend gave us a bag of oranges from her backyard tree… She doesn't like oranges and given they were quite small, but they were organic and homegrown so we juiced those wee babies and I also created some images for licensing over at Stocksy

Stocksy and Frankie

The latest issue of Frankie Magazine has arrived and not only am I happy to have contributed / taken a few images found inside the magazine, there is also a rather ace double page spread featuring some super images by a few of my fellow Stocksy folk…. I know I am biased, but there really are some inspiring images and people there….

Keep me posted

I just got my hands on a copy of the latest Jetstar Magazine thanks to friends who escaped Melbourne's winter and I can happily show some photos I created to illustrate an article on writing postcards… Well lucky for me I travelled a lot in my 20's - pre internet / email we are talking, and I always wrote postcards home to family and friends… I also bought extra postcards to keep in a travel book (aka box of stuff) and after my Grandparents passed away I found many of my postcards I had written to them in a drawer. So my box of stuff related to travel with postcards, tickets, stubs etc is quite a collection and I was super excited to rummage and create images for Jetstar Magazine. Also thanks to Lisanne for lending me a few snow globes and pens from her collection. More images can be found here.

Apartment Therapy

Hello to new folk who have found me via Apartment Therapy… and for other people hello too and guess what, I am a new home tour contributor to Apartment Therapy… First up is the rather ace home of Madeleine and Karl Stamer. Head here to see the full tour. Madeleine is a super talented artist / illustrator - see her work here and Karl runs Lantern Printing. Their home is super colourful, creative and filled with amazing art...

Website re-design

I am in the process of changing over my website design / layout / template. If you are visiting for the first time over the next few days please come back again soon - Hopefully at the weekend it will be ready-ish.... More and more images will be disappearing from this site and are migrating to the new one, so please bare with me… One of the bonuses of my new and improved website is more sub categories, which means I am making my way through images that previously have been hidden from view aka the dark depths of external hard drives and random USB sticks… Such as this one below, combining a few of my favourite things - Vintage Neon signs (in the shape of a teepee - added bonus), turquoise and Indian jewellery. Give me that any day over diamonds or Tiffanys… Sadly the shop was closed during our visit there… Which means I'll just have to visit Williams, Arizona another time…. UPDATE - NEW DESIGN IS LIVE… It is still a work in progress and will have new images added over the coming days / weeks etc...


No Parking

So yes I am crap at regularly maintaining a blog… I should have known that I would be, well yes I probably did but hoped differently…. So random photo Thursday… No Parking - don't think that person saw the sign… Or maybe he/she thought it meant no parking either side of the arrows but the middle was OK….

Wednesday Wander - Horse

Imaginative title - yes I know… well it's the country and it's a horse and it's early morning (well not that early as daylight savings hadn't happened yet)… But I thought I would share a photo or 2 of Blue - that's the horse - because I am actually afraid of horses (and birds but that's another story)… I have had 3 encounters earlier in my life that kinda scared me… In primary school my sister and I would walk ourselves to school and back. In those days (the late 70's) - not every suburban block was built to the hilt with McMansions, there were paddocks / empty blocks of land… Imagine… And sometimes there were horses… So I used to save my apple from school (tsk tsk) and on the way home I would feed it to the local horse. Well one day it decided to try and eat my hand too… There was no blood, but lots of tears followed by an explanation to my Mum and a lecture about me not eating apples… Horse Story 2 was on a Brownies camp - at a horse riding stable where we slept in wagons (that bit was good) and a horse that didn't want me on it's back - well you can guess the rest, needless to say it gave me an early experience in rodeo horse riding that I didn't appreciate… Finally Horse Story 3 was when I was about 20, a few friends decided to go on a horse riding day, my horse again didn't like me on it's back, when all the other horses were led to a small dam / lake to drink, mine decided to roll over and go for a swim with me still on it…. So for me to get up close to horses and photograph them is a big thing…